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About us

Welcome to Qingdao Bluebird Sporting Goods Co., Limited !
We're  a professional martial arts manufacturer and exporter and have been in the field for a couple of years with factory located in Qingdao, China.   Martial arts uniforms,  martial arts equipment, sparring gearKarate gear, Taekwondo equipmentsporting shoes and accessories for Karate/Taekwondo/Judo/Boxing/ MMA are our main products. 


Recommend products

Kumite Fighter Karate Gi

Kumite Fighter Karate Gi is made of lightweight microfiber fabric, 6oz, and with mesh section in some areas: black of the neck, under the arms and back of the pant.

Fighter Dobok Taekwondo

The Taekwondo Fighter Dobok is made of ultra light and stretchable fabric and the ultra light-weight uniform is designed for competition fighters. Fabric is 6oz.

Muay Thai Pad Kick Shield Punch Pad

Thai pads best for Muay thai, Boxing & karate training, made of high quality micro fiber leather outer shell and inside high density padding. Size: S 30cm*20cm*5cm

Tatami Octagon Taekwondo Mat

Taekwondo tatami octagonal mats, the size is 80cm*80cm*2.5cm. Usually 196 pieces mats can be put in a site for playing, exercise, and you can decide the quantity of mats to fit for your exercise room.

Sparring Head Guard With Face Mask

Dipped Head Guard, highly quality head gear with clear plastic mask. Non-Removable Face Shield.

Reversible Taekwondo Sparring Vest

It's for taekwondo/karate beginners. The martial arts vest provides all the protection of a traditional chest protector, but with the convenience of a velcro back. This chest guard is stylish, comfortable, and very easy to put on. Red and blue double-sided.

Wooden karate taekwondo belt holder display

Wooden karate taekwondo belt holder display | belt rack holder is the perfect way to display Karate, Tae Kwon Do and other martial art form belts. All wood belt rack. Students can proudly display all of their martial arts belts in style

Taekwondo Uniforms World Taekwondo New Logo

Taekwondo Uniforms World Taekwondo New Logo adopted new logo embroidered  on chest, shoulder,  pants, and label on the collar. 

TaeKwonDo Dan DoBok Taekwondo poomsae uniform

TaeKwonDo Dan DoBok Taekwondo poomsae uniform has 7 style based on different dan. Made by Polyester 65%, Cotton 35% Jacquard fabric. Poomsae & Training Uniform, Good Sound, Good Performance.