Full Head Gear with Face Shield

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This full-coverage, dipped foam headgear includes a clear, removable face shield and is made from thick foam with wrap-around coverage. A 5cm wide hook-and-loop strap on the back of the head is for an adjustable fit.

Full Head Gear with Face Shield

For Taekwondo, Karate, ITF and other martial arts training and competition. 

Function: Used for karate/taekwondo/ITF training, adopting the material which is energy-absorbing efficiently, it can prevent the athletes getting injured, comfortable to wear and flexibility in action.

Standard:  It has great flexibility which is beneficial to athletes to have a high level play. It’s also meet the standard of equipment for karateetition or training. Approved by Chinese karate council.

  1. High quality moulded foam and PU;
  2. Shield trainers with this full coverage dipped foam headgear that includes a clear removable face shield.
  3. The face shield can be removed and used separately.
  4. The face shield is so strong that you can stand on it and not crash.
  5. Head guard is designed to quickly absorb accidental shocks during sparring;
  6. Head guard comfortable to wear, durable, breathable freely;
  7. Thick string bonds the mask with head guard, making it stable and strong;
  8. Logos can be printed as customer’s requirement , such as front, back and side.

Production details of Full Head Gear with Face Shield

OEM service: Accepted
Material:  Moulded foam, PU and plastic
Colour:  Red , blue, black, white
Size: XS,S, M, L, XL
MOQ: 50 Pieces


Full Head Gear with Face Shieldkarate headgear face shield

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