Headgear with Plastic Face Mask

Headgear With Plastic Face Mask, black. The transparent face mask is very strong.

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Headgear With Plastic Face Mask  Karate Martial Arts TaeKwondo Foam Dipped  Sparring Gear

TaeKwonDo Protector Head Gear,  ITF Headgear, Martial Arts Head Gear, Professional Taekwondo Helmet With Face Shield. 


  • High quality moulded foam and EVA under Tae Kwon Do standard;
  • Clear full-view face mask with fixed attachment.
  • Contour design with padding on the top and back with air release holes.
  • Air pressure release pocket for ears.
  • The surface is shining, smooth, easy to clean;
  • Head guard is designed to quickly absorb accidental shocks during sparring;
  • Head guard is comfortable to wear ,durable,breathable freely;
  • Thick string bonds the mask with head guard, making it stable and strong;
  • Logos can be printed as customer’s requirement , such as front, back and side.
  Product name     Sparring Headgear With Face Shield
   OEM service     Accepted
   Material     Moulded foam,EVA and plastic
   Colour     Red , blue, black, white
   Size     XS,S, M, L, XL
  Packing     6pcs in one carton
headgear with plastic face mask

headgear with plastic face mask


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