Karate Interior Body Protector

  • karate chest body guard
  • karate body protector
  • karate chest body protector

WKF Interior Body Protectorr is made of light and durable material. Protector WKF-Style Design (Not WKF approved) and velcro strap ensure a snug fit.

Karate Interior Body Protector 

WKF approved ultra light white karate chest guard protector


  1. The Karate Interior Body Protector is comprised of three innovative materials. The external Cordura fabric / Nylon is constructed using the highest tenacity fiber that provides increased resistance to tears, scuff and abrasions.
  2. FlexuralEVA foam is an anti-impact inner lightweight material that has a high shock absorbency rate.
  3. Worn under the karate uniform is to prevent impact from accidental punches to the chest.
  4. Required for Male & Female WKF Competition.
  5. Velcro strap ensures a snug fit.


Used for karate training, adopting the material which is energy-absorbing efficiently, Karate Interior Body Protecto can prevent the athletes getting injured, comfortable to wear and flexibility in action.


It has great and flexibility which is beneficial to athletes to have a high level play. It’s also meet the standard of equipment for karate training. Approved by WKF.


Cordura fabric/ Nylon three layers mesh sewing+EVA foam

Product details: 

Color     White

Size     XS S M L XL

MOQ     100Pcs

Logo     Custom

Model Style: WKF Approved

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Each piece into polybag. Also as the requirements of the customers.

Delivery Detail: 10-25 days once receiving your payment.

WKF Interior Body Protector

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