Light Punches Karate Sparring Gloves

  • dipped foam gloves
  • sparring foam gloves
  • kicking box gloves
  • dipped foam sparring gloves

Lighting Punches Karate Sparring Gloves are made from highly quality dipped foam and used for Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing. Size: chxs, chs, chm, chl, s, m, l, xl, xxl.

Light Punches Karate Sparring Gloves

Karate Sparring Gloves are suitable tough for martial artists in karate/taekwondo/itf training.  High impact 7/8″ padded foam protects your knuckles and forearms against impact and scrapes.

Main Specification:

Material: High quality EVA and sponge

Size: chxs, chs, chm, chl, s, m, l, xl, xxl. 

Color:Red, blue, black, white


  • The material is soft EVA foam, produce under WTF/ITF standard. All the raw material are environmental friendly.
  • The surface is shining,smooth, easy to clean.
  • The material has good resilience, if it’s wrinkled but not too long time, dipped it to the hot water or blow dry on medium heat, it will be return, more or less, to its original shape.
  • We can open mold for you to meet your demand if you have your own design.
  • Logos can be printed as customer’s requirement.

We also produce a series of dipped foam sparring gear set/taekwondo sparring  gears/karate sparring gears, such as forearm/shin guard/instep shin guard, hand/foot guard.

Light Punches Karate Sparring Gloves Sizing Chart:

karate sparring gear size chart

Lighting Punches Karate Sparring Gloves

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