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Taekwondo Gi Kids with poom collar are made of durable poly/cotton. Pants have an additional double inseam and full gusset - elastic waist with drawstring. All uniforms include a white belt.

Taekwondo Dobok Kids (poom collar)

White Students Taekwondo Dobok Cotton/Poly 8-OZ Preshrunk Adult/Kids with White Belt

Taekwondo Dobok Kids with poom collar is made of durable poly/cotton fine fabric with the lowest price ever seen for a color v-neck Tae Kwon Do Uniform. Pant’s have an additional double inseam and full gusset – elastic waist with drawstring.

Recommended for Basic Training.

Cotton/polyester fabric designed to resist shrinking and will shrink by only 2% overall.


1. Material:  ribbed, twill, jacquard, 50%poly/50%cotton, 65%poly/35%cotton.
2. Color: White
3. Size: 90cm to 210cm  (00000#-8#);
4.The fabric is preshrunk,  so it will not shrink a lot after washed;
5. Uniform includes jacket, pants and a white belt;
6. Lightweight, comfortable and breathable;
7. Elastic waist with drawstring pants;
8.It get rid of the smell of sweat and release the sweat quickly, maintain cleanly;
9.Packing: wrapped separately in plastic bags and then in cartons;
10. Your logo, embroidery and printing can be put on the uniform.


Taekwondo Gi Kids

cheap taekwondo uniforms

Wearing the proper martial arts clothing when training and competing is very important to trainers development. Ideally, kids want to feel loose and comfortable so their body allows itself to move freely without obstructions or other hindrances and you can focus their mind and energy where it needs to be other than whether or not kids feel comfortable in their apparel. With the right uniform, kids’ll train better and more freely allow yourself to compete at your highest level. We produce v-neck taekwondo uniforms in many different styles, weights, and colors.

We know that TKD students can be very particular about their uniforms. Taekwondo is a highly active style that can really test the limits of a martial arts uniform  when it comes to range of motion and durability. As a uniform manufacturer, we are proud to offer martial arts suppliers quality gis with competitive price.

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