Taekwondo GTF Dobok Uniform

  • Taekwondo GTF Dobok Uniform
  • Taekwondo GTF uniform
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Taekwondo GTF Dobok Uniform is made up of 65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton twill material Available in Sizes: 90cm-160cm & 170cm-210cm.

Taekwondo GTF Dobok Uniform

Taekwondo GTF Dobok Uniform is of fine quality fabric and designing.

Available in Sizes: 90cm-160cm & 170cm-210cm.

Fabric is polyster/cotton, the back is with  embroidered TAEKWON-DO GTF wording, and the chest, sleeve and pants are all with embroidered GTF logo.


Our GTF Dobok is designed to feel light and flexible, giving you zero restriction when training and competing, while simultaneously being durable. The trousers have the embroidered GTF logo on the right leg, an elasticated waist with a drawstring for a super secure fit, and extra stitching in the stress points for durability. A full length gusset has been built in for full flexibility.

There are emborideries on the left chest, left sleeve, back and pants on the jacket. There is extra stitching in all the stress points for toughness and durability.

The GTF Dobok comes complete with white belt, making this a superb quality and great value for GTF Taekwondo suit.

Description of the Fabric:

  • 8 oz per square meter fabric.
  • The fabric can be a blend of 50:50 or 35:65 cotton polyester.
  • It is preshrunk,  so it will not shrink a lot after washed.
  • Different fabric styles, such as ribbed, twill, jacquard are supplied.
  • This fabric combination provides comfortable fitting and easy care.
  • Designed to resist shrinking and will shrink by only 2% overall.

Our every Taekwondo GTF Dobok provides the ideal fit, size, and flexibility that is required for mastering Tae Kwon Do. If you would like to choose a reliable martial arts supplier, Bluebird Sporting Goods can provide the best dobok Tae Kwon Do around to suit your needs.

Taekwondo GTF dobok uniform


Taekwondo GTF dobok

Back of Jacket

GTF Taekwondo suit

GTF logo on the sleeve

GTF uniform

GTF logo on the pants

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