White Lightweight Karate Gi

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White Lightweight Karate Gi for both children and adults are made of light weight fabric, comfortable and breathable.

White Lightweight Karate Gi

For kids and adults’s training.

Our traditional 8 oz weight karate uniform is made up of 65%polyester/35% cotton material in white with traditional inside ties for a more secure fit.

Product Description

For beginners to Karate and for people who love the White Lightweight Karate Gi feel.  This is an excellent gi to choose. They don’t have that paper thin quality that comes with a lot of Gi’s in this price range. They are also much softer and more comfortable than most.

This karate uniform comes complete with top, trousers and white belt. Trousers have an elasticated waist with a drawstring.

A white karate belt is also included, making it a brilliant starter Karate suit of excellent quality and great value for money.

We have a wide selection of sizes ranging from 90cm (size 00000) to 200cm (size 7)

Size charts are measured in CM

Karate Gi sizes are based on height of the person. For instance a 3/160 is based on someone of a average build who is 160cm in height. You will get a bit of shrinkage from the polycotton mix but nowhere near as much than the 100% cotton varieties.

White Lightweight Karate Gi


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