Embroidered Martial arts belts

Embroidered Martial arts belts. Custom made Martial Art Belts & Taekwondo Belts & Karate Belts.

Taekwondo Belts

Half and half belts. It's made by durable poly/cotton twill fabric and felt with thick material and difficult to broken or out shape.

Mini belt key chains Karate accessary

Mini belt key chains Karate accessary can be customized.

Karate Black Belts

Karate Black belts, taekwondo black belts. It's made of durable washed 100% cotton and inner material is pure cotton too.

Karate Belts

Solid belts are made from 100% polyester or polyester/cotton; size can be chosen, and length as your requirement; 8/9/11/13 rows of stitching.

Martial Arts Belts

Striped belts for martial arts are poly/cotton fabric in different composition and inner material felt in different thickness.