Chest guard

Reversible Taekwondo Sparring Vest with Velcro

It's for taekwondo/karate beginners. The martial arts vest provides all the protection of a traditional chest protector, but with the convenience of a velcro back. This chest guard is stylish, comfortable, and very easy to put on. Red and blue double-sided.

WKF Interior Body Protector

WKF Interior Body Protectorr is made of light and durable material. Protector WKF-Style Design (Not WKF approved) and velcro strap ensure a snug fit.

Taekwondo Reversible Thickening Chest Protector

Taekwondo reversible thickening chest protector can be red/blue reversible or solid color. It's thicker than normal chest guard and provide great protection for body.

Solid Reversible Tkd Chest Guard Vest

Solid Reversible Tkd Chest Guard Vest is made of high PU and foam. Foam guards extend up and over the collarbone and shoulder. Includes adjustable tie straps for a secure fit.