Shields and mitts

Taekwondo Focus Mitts Training Kicking Target Punching Pad Kick Shield

Taekwond Training Kicking is made of high quality durable PU leather combines with high resilience EVA filling the targets. Size: Height 48cm, width 18cm min, 25cm max

Muay Thai Pad Kick Shield Punch Pad Curved MMA Boxing Training

Thai pads best for Muay thai, Boxing & karate training, made of high quality micro fiber leather outer shell and inside high density padding. Size: S 30cm*20cm*5cm

PU Boxing Kicking Thai Pads Thai Shield

Thai Kick Pads Straight is made of very strong high tech rtificial leather, size is 39cm*19cm*8cm.

Microfiber Leather Taekwondo Kicking Target Clapper Target Kick Pads

Elite Taekwondo equipment, made of high quality microfiber leather, sponge, and EVA foam. Very beautiful.

MMA Boxing Training Equipment Kicking Pad Punching Pad Kicking Shield

Straight punching target|kicking shield with different thickness is made of best quality PU, for martial arts training.

PU Curved Muay Thai Pad Taekwondo Karate Kicking Shield

Curved Muay Thai Pad Taekwondo Karate Kicking Shield is with a large striking surface and sturdy outer shell, and can be customized.

Taekwondo Training Kick Paddles Double Kicking Target Martial Arts Pad

High quality PU leather, sponge, EVA foam, PP kick target(double pieces) for taekwondo training

Curved Punch Mitts Focus Pads Thai MMA Training Boxing Mitt

Made of imported PU leather, padding with high density EVA.

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